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Shenaninganzier (August 2010)
August 23, 2010 12:18 PM PDT

1) DJ FIXX & SPORTY-O: shake it sporty
2) MANU TWISTER: out of control (alternative mix)
3) DEENK: electrocramp
4) BROTHERS BUD: crazy jack
5) UNDER THIS: ever fresh (breaking news remix)
6) EIGHT BALL: preconception (kickflip remix)
7) THE BRAINKILLER: my electronic
8) S-LAB: mind games (loseyourmind remix)
10) THE FUNKRASH: latino
11) DUAL BOOT: crank it (ghettface remix)
12) BLAZER: toxic girl (beatman & ludmilla remix)
13) TCUBE PROJECT: pensilvania

Agent of Nang - Anger Shoes (July 2010)
July 28, 2010 12:03 PM PDT

1) Agent K & Bella: sierra leone (lunar shift remix)
2) Laurent Garnier: gnanmankoudji (kultur & colombo remix)
3) Neztic: stilacho
4) Kultur: a wicked tune (take 1)
5) Break The Box & Blatta & Inesha: basket shoes (somsay remix)
6) Bubu feat Jamy: bucawa project
7) B-Phreak: bulletproof
8) Kickflip: wonky science
9) Skool of Thought: villa funk
10) Hihat feat Mark Thomas: killer profit (kultur & colombo remix)
11) Dual Boot: trigger (triple agent remix)
12) Salt Bread feat Emma Greenfield: raggle taggle filth (parallax breakz remix)

Agent of Nang : Declaration of Waah (June 2010)
June 29, 2010 02:53 PM PDT

1) Beat Assassins: stand up
2) Twocker: stitch (krafty kuts re-rub)
3) Slyde: move ya
4) Napt: narcotics
5) Farace & Stacy Osorio: what's golden
6) Beat Shaker: touch
7) Lady Packa: funk soul now (rektchordz remix)
8) Rex: evil buddha comb
9) Felix Stone feat Astra: solvent (youthful implants remix)
10) Orzels Machine: spaced
11) Refunk: it's groovy (boonos remix)
12) Flectric: leveler (ghettface remix)
13) the Brainkiller: new formula

Intelligent Snacking (May 2010)
May 29, 2010 06:41 AM PDT

Having developed a rather "healthy" gut over the winter and with the world cup just around the corner (with all the bar-b-q's and beer fests that it brings) it's been a major diet the last few weeks for the Agent of Nang and in respect of that this months podcast is titled "Intelligent Snacking". Although light on calories it's definately full phat!

1) Rennie Pilgrem vs Nine Lives the Cat: can't stop this
2) Tittsworth feat Kid Sister & Pase Rock: wtf (beat assassins remix)
3) Butter Party: flipper baby (projectiles remix)
4) Pimpwax: bass pumpin' (farace remix)
5) Robosapiens: bodies (hedflux remix)
6) Hedflux: mindcell
7) the Brainkiller: my show
8) Crisp Biscuit: sensation
9) Way Out West: apollo (general midi remix)
10) the Barinkiller & Wardian: a time in your future
11) Quadrat Beat & Abu: hula funk
12) Introspective: devil's theory
13) Slybeats: jiggaman pimpin'

Agent of Nang: Ska Trek
April 24, 2010 01:28 AM PDT

Alas time has been against me this month so i've not been able to do a new mix but i've had a dig through the Nanglab vaults and unearthed a mix from 2007 i hope you'll enjoy. "Ska Trek" is a mix of reggae & dub influenced breaks, just right now the sun is coming out and the atmosphere is warming.... Enjoy.

1) Dub Pistols feat Hoarce Andy: world gone crazy (dogtown clash vocal remix)
2) Rob Smith: give love (tayo vs care in the community remix)
3) Rob Smith: drum monkeys (drum monkeys remix)
4) Dreadzone: once upon a time in jamiaca
5) King Dub Rock: in the party (dreadzone remix)
6) Dreadzone: elevate (mafiatone remix)
7) Tayo: wildlife dub
8) The Ragga Twins feat Aquasky: let it burn
9) Scam: killer
10) DJ Icey feat Marlon: one step skank (autobots remix)
11) Broad Beatz: soul-jah
12) Ed Solo & Skool of Thought: babylon breaks

Agent of Nang - Armageddon Outta Here (March 2010)
March 27, 2010 08:30 AM PDT

1) Agresiveness: olive trees
2) Baymont Bross feat General Levy & Sunshyne: wine up ya waist (napt remix)
3) Stonewash feat Kyla: undertow
4) Javi Gangora: studio number 8
5) Bill Vega & New Decade feat Louise Ware: taking over (dom almond remix)
6) Bartdon: infinity trip (brainkiller remix)
7) Digital Base: turn me out (dekoy remix)
8) DJ Defkline & Red Polo: felix hustle (breaks mix)
9) Vent: feedback
10) Audiosauce: freebird (the rogue element remix)
11) Ivory: free the beast (breakfastaz instrumental mix)
12) Freq Nasty feat Rodney P: come let me know (freq nasty & blim remix)

Agent of Nang: Kingdumb Come (February 2010)
February 22, 2010 01:38 PM PST

1) Altered Grooves: come get my lovin'
2) Kultur & Colombo: konflict
3) Access Denied: lucky b*****s
4) Slyde: frequency (napt remix)
5) Pro 7: black truck (curtis b remix)
6) Motive & Mars feat M.C. Profit: back to basics (kid digital remix)
7) Actual Phantom: faces
8) Future Funk Squad: blow (kid digital rubber remix)
9) Ways & Means: bass bomber (gella remix)
10) Freak Da Bass: gnk (quadrat beat remix)
11) Quadrat Beat: showtime
12) Royksopp: what else is there? (breaks mix)

Episode 9: Nerf Herder - January 2010
January 26, 2010 12:53 PM PST

1) Digitalis: the ride (kid blue remix)
2) Dopamine & Diverted: only one (blim remix)
3) Sam Hell: gun club (hedflux remix)
4) 4Kuba: cheap
5) Beats Persona: dr splace
6) Plastic Shell: dead end
7) Chris Carter: ladybird
8) BSD: this could be
9) Equalizers: revenge
10) Perpetual Present: nothing real
11) Dom Almond: let it flow
12) Youthful Implants: thinking of you

Humungous Fungus
November 10, 2009 10:54 AM PST

1) PFN: flow (false prophets remix)
2) LEE L0ES & MENEATER: teritory (fine cut bodies & amb remix)
3) VITAL SUBSTANCE feat LURCH ADAMS: getting it on (robosapiens remix)
4) ORBITAL: funny break (plump dj's remix)
5) STYLUS REXL: serious wobble
6) DRUM MONKEYS feat K-STAR: acid drop
7) ALBINO ALLSTARS: inside man (night buffalo remix)
9) ANDREA DORIA: bucci bag (unknown mix)
10) STEREO 8: flip mode
11) YOUTHFUL IMPLANTS: raw flex (felix stone remix)
12) DEIBEAT: we rock the party (peter paul remix)
13) ILS: music (eveil nine remix)

July 02, 2009 12:57 PM PDT

it's phat, it's round, it's breaks on the ground: wobble factor

1) 30 HZ: in your ear
2) THE BEAT MONKEYS: steelz loves the c**k (nectarios remix)
3) THE PROJECTILES: dirty hertz
4) BITROK: crazy
5) SOUND ALLIANCE: the hit (hexadecimal remix)
6) HEXADECIMAL: ripkick
7) JOEY BELTRAM: energy flash (rennie pilgrem remix)
8) SOUL OF MAN: acid punch (brothers bud remix)
9) ROWAN BLADES & CHRIS LAKE: chemical breaks
10)WAX EQUESTRIANS: zig zag (dopamine remix)
11) PLATINUM MULES: adrenaline
12) DECKAGE: quartz

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